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Mahmood Hussein
General Manager

Mahmood, holds an MBA from University of South Wales and is a Chartered Accountant and a member of ACCA. He is also a member of the Kenya Association of Stockbrokers. He has a proven track record in the Kenyan financial markets spanning well over a decade. He has been instrumental in projects where ApexAfrica has acted as the sponsoring, co-sponsoring or participating broker for various public and rights issues by listed companies in Kenya.

Mahmood joined ApexAfrica Capital in 2004, as a trader and has since been pivotal in taking the company to new heights, making ApexAfrica one of the premier brokerage houses in Kenya. He is currently the GM of the AIB-AXYS Africa Ltd with over 15 years of experience in the stockbrokerage and investment banking. He was previously the GM of ApexAfrica Capital Ltd before the merger and

had been with APEX throughout his career, making APEX one of the renowned brokerage houses in Kenya.

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